‘Should my child pursue a career in Hollywood?’

As the headlines continue to be filled with horror stories of sexual harassment at film studios and TV networks, I’m getting more questions from concerned parents – especially Christian parents – about their children who want to pursue a career in Hollywood. Is it safe? Particularly for a daughter? There’s no question that some of


Here’s the key to raising your teen…

We have recently had our oldest child turn 13. He’s officially a teenager – and we certainly know it! In fact this hilarious video below sums up perfectly a pre and post teenager. ‘Kevin the Teenager’ was produced by the BBC in the UK and shows Kevin as a 12 year-old, followed by the transformation


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‘Teach Our Children To Love Their Bodies, Not Take Drugs To Change Them’

Children should be encouraged to “love the bodies they have”, rather than try to medically alter them, an MP has warned. David Davies issued the caution in a riposte to Parliamentary support for making it easier to ‘change sex’. He has also challenged the Prime Minister to tighten transsexualism law after a doctor in his


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