Monthly Archives: December 2017

Cultivating character or controlling chaos?

In a chaotic and confusing world, let’s get grounded by looking to Scripture. Raising responsible kids is no microwave magic; it takes consistent time and energy. The results are often not instantaneous – diligence and perseverance will be your greatest assets, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. *All Scriptures are ESV unless otherwise noted. […]

‘Should my child pursue a career in Hollywood?’

As the headlines continue to be filled with horror stories of sexual harassment at film studios and TV networks, I’m getting more questions from concerned parents – especially Christian parents – about their children who want to pursue a career in Hollywood. Is it safe? Particularly for a daughter? There’s no question that some of […]

Here’s the key to raising your teen…

We have recently had our oldest child turn 13. He’s officially a teenager – and we certainly know it! In fact this hilarious video below sums up perfectly a pre and post teenager. ‘Kevin the Teenager’ was produced by the BBC in the UK and shows Kevin as a 12 year-old, followed by the transformation […]