About Us

The war on the family has never been greater. Yet the need to build strong family units is absolutely essential to maintaining successful, functioning communities.

Love Family wants to help you build a robust, God-focused family, reflecting Christ in our neighborhoods globally.

At Love Family, we have one main goal: helping families thrive. By providing quality content and resources, we help build both healthy marriages, as well as raise grounded children.

Marriage and parenting has never been easy, and while our world may continue to change, the family unit, no matter its size, is at the bedrock of a successful society. By providing you with content from parents and marriage experts that know how to make a difference, we want to help you not only survive in your family’s world, but to thrive. Children are a blessing from the Lord, however they are also not easy to raise. Marriage is one of God’s greatest gifts, but it needs work to make one successful.